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Taking A Good Picture

We take pride in making your photo as good as possible. To do this, please follow the suggestions.

Make sure your picture file size is at least 150KB and no more than 1MB.


Take a picture standing against any solid color background.


Wear contrasting clothing (if the background is white, wear dark color clothing).


Keep your hair nice and neat (minimize "flyaways").


Make sure the picture is chest up.


No webcam pictures.


Use a well lit room, without overbearing lights. Natural lighting is best.

* For the Signature, if you want your own (min 150K and max 1MB in file size):

1) A large signature on a piece of white paper.
2) Use a black sharpie or pen.
3) Scan the signature or take a picture of it with the flash off with good lighting.

* A simple signature will be provided if you opt not to use your own.

Shipping Info:

You will get your tracking number in about 7-10 days from the Order/Payment Date for non-Rushed orders. Rushed orders will get their tracking numbers in about 3-4 business days. Login onto your account HERE to track your order. The tracking number will be available when the status changes to Shipped. Please do not contact us if you didn't get your tracking number until after the timeline has passed.

We will e-mail you if there are any issues with your order. These emails may end up in your SPAMBOX. So, please check it every so often.